2. T O A L L M Y D E M O N S.

  3. Y O U L L S E E U S .

    W H N U N E E D U S.

  4. It’s Funny when ppl say “J Dilla Changed My Life” .. Thats a “cool” thing to say now, you see it on tee shirts and shit. But honestly I’ve heard it in the voices of many, including my own. Jay really did change lives . I didn’t even know he existed til 2006. A week later he was gone. The Roots did the XXL cover in tribute. Blew my mind. Making this ‘gram homie to let you know you introduced me and a few of my homies to an entirely different spectrum of hip hop . @hak_100_proof will tell you.
    Then we started looking back like “shit he produced that? Woulda never known.” So Low key but so influential . From a younger God to an Older God.
    You Made me look at the way we made beats differently , you opened a gateway to a totally different level of what I thought I’d hear and what I thought I could create. Facts . I thank You for that . It’s only right I continue to push it forward. Happy birthday, may you Rest iN Beats

  5. " C A P T i O N "

  6. My brother @pompousreiss x @binnagod .. World leaders connect . U N i V E R S E

  8. H i L L S H V E E Y E S

  9. | LeT GO | V i S U A L S.

    D R O P P i N G
    M O M E N T A R i L Y.

  10. S H W N D W N

  11. #tbt THEY’RE STiLL WRiTING BOOKS FROM THE LAST TiME i WAS ALiVE .. HA , THNK U @sayyes2tess ❤️



    SHOT BY  pacerivers and @RFFMRCY

    GO !

  13. M Y S O U L O F T E N W N D R S


  15. TiDUS - “Let Go” [HI$TO Remix] /// (@BiNNaGOD @_HISTO)



    HI$TO did a official remix of TiDUS’ "Let Go" off his new LP "NEW AGE" which premiered on HYPETRAK a while ago. Go ahead and Stream/ Download this amazing spacey tune below.

    Buy "NEW AGE" on iTunes now!! itunes.apple.com/us/album/new-age/id701508546

    (Source: sectorzero-zone)